D’Morte-Disney Tarot poster

d'morte-disney tarot major arcana

This is the completed major arcana. The minor arcana will be added at some point. A full gallery of the major cards, with large versions of each card:


7 thoughts on “D’Morte-Disney Tarot poster

  1. Also, these are wonderful, very well thought out, and I wish they could be produced but I doubt Disney would allow that. 😦

    1. Links fixed …. thanks for the alert!

      Glad you like them. Yes, unlikely that Disney would ever approve. The deck has to exist as an art piece, non-commerical.

  2. Well as these are not commercially available and i believe these would be great for a child of a Pagan who wishes to allow them to learn the Tarot at a early age, could i be naughty and print them up on card, laminate them and give them to a friend who i know would love them for her daughter, if not herself ? i would not do it without your permission, hope you say yes 🙂

    1. Fantastic – I’d be delighted!

      Only one request: if you could take a photo of the cards when you have them printed and email it to me? I can post it on the forum; I’d love to see what they look like as physical objects, as I want to do that myself, once I get the minors done. I’ll keep you anonymous of course, just show the cards themselves, or held in hands. That way there’s zero danger of Disney nastygrams (I don’t think they care, but I tend towards extreme caution). Let me know if the images online print out OK; I have higher res versions, but I think the ones online should print well on the smaller card format.

      1. OK i will get some higher quality card tomorrow, the card i just tried was a bit too flexible even doubled, ( front print, then rear print, then a little tab of a glue stick to stop them moving while laminating ), keep me informed as to when you get the minor’s done, then i can complete the set, but first impression is that it looks good printed up, only printed one card as a test, as soon as they are all printed and laminated i will send a photo, thank you for allowing me to print up your work 🙂

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